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09:00, 2007-Dec-11 .. 0 comments .. Link
Most people play poker for entertainment, but some earn decent money. Of course such people is not very many, not everyone can earn a lot of money in a poker game. Nevertheless, it is the desire to earn more money to the cause of improving poker skills. Playing poker is one of the few forms pari-igr where you can actually win. In casinos, you will play with negative expectations (it is impossible to win the distance from the institution at the tape, etc.) When betting on sports events, too little may earn without insider information. Poker is the same game where you can make money in a long-term perspective, just because you are playing well. When not playing poker? You have a problem with gambling. When someone is playing poker, he is at risk of losing money. Do not play for money, which can not afford to lose. Poker should not be seen as a means of becoming rich quickly, and should not be lost otygrany back at any price. If you have a problem with gemblingom not play poker.
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