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11:44, 2007-Dec-13 .. 0 comments .. Link
Parimatch offers some interesting bonuses. Active players, as shown, can receive Parimatch total over 5000 dollars per month! All you need to do is register and enter through poker club Parimatch. And to withdraw cash you will be able to one day in any town in Russia, thanks to a large number of items Parimatch. The complete list of cities puntkov Parimatch see the section Make a deposit. Cache OEC bonus You play a lot of poker and do not have the cache of OEC bonus? This means that you teryaeete lot of money every month. Consider that in a daily game of Hold'em only in small limit 1 / 2, you can receive a bonus every month in 2500 dollars and it is absolutely seriously tested - on their own game! You do not even have to be plyusovym player to have a decent income! Register by and read a detailed description of the site can be a bonus Parimatch. Let us explain how Parimatch can pay such bonuses and look in more detail cache OEC bonus. During the game tables for cash poker site retains a small commission from each bank the deal. It is from this money and pay this poker bonus. Playing at Parimatch, you can receive 30% of komissiii, with the retention of games in which you cards distributed. Yes, that is the case, you do not necessarily bet that you incur commission, as well as in Parimatch adopted a system of retention COMMISSION on a dilt "(distributed), as opposed to the scheme" kontribyuted "where commission accrue only player, has made a bid to the bank. Play money, sign in the game infrequently, only with strong cards, and your opponents will make you a commission, increasing your cache OEC bonus!
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